Great Ways to Zest up Your Dates


Have you been in the dating scene long enough to run out of ideas? It’s possible. You may have been dating for so long that you have run out of ideas to surprise your partner on a date. Well, there’s nothing to worry about! Here’s how to turn your ordinary dates into an extraordinary one your partner will never forget!

The first date many guys settle for is watching home movies. Yes, this may seem enough for your girl. You might think she can’t complain about watching home movies because of all the cuddling, right? Wrong! Watching home movies can be a great activity for the first few times. And you thought a bowl of popcorn will be icing on the cake. You have to think twice. Zest up those home movie sessions by taking your girl out on a movie premiere! How about taking her to watch old featured films in the theatre or even watching a drive-in movie? It may seem sleazy but if you pick the right places and the right time to do it, she may be blown away by your efforts.

Sports season can be a girlfriend’s nightmare. This is the time when you guys just stay at home watching in front of the tube! Are you forgetting about your date? If this is the case, why not ordering tickets for you and your man to watch a sports fest live! Guys can also spring a spark of interest in sports for your girl! Take the time to plan a coaching session for just you and your date. A ballpark with just you and your date can be a romantic getaway.

Ditch those fast food chains you always bring your dates to! Though the food might be great but the crowd makes a romantic date into a casual one. You don’t want that to happen. Make a date to remember by taking your partner to the best restaurant in town! It may cost some money, but you won’t be taking him or her there every single day. If you don’t have the money to spare, take your date out on a picnic! Take her to a place where it’s just you and her (just make sure there aren’t any wild animals around). A picnic at the beach or by the side of the lake will do wonders for your dating relationship!

You may opt for going to the park in one of your dates. The park is one of the common resorts when you run out of dating ideas. Why settle for a park you and your partner can always pass by when you can start taking him or her to a zoo or theme park? Yes, it might sound childish, but childish can be fun!

These are just one of the many ideas you can zest up your dates into a more exciting and memorable one for your partner. Have fun and explore a world of ideas for dating fun!

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